Yoga for Every Body

Connect your mind and body

Are you looking for small and friendly yoga classes on line or in person in my private studio or your home or workplace in the Ascot area?

Would you like to gain or regain some balance in your life, develop strength and flexibility and find the tools to manage stress and anxiety?  

Do you want to work on your health and fitness in an uncompetitive and fun environment?  

Have you had a sports injury or surgery that means you’ve had to stop playing a sport you love?  

Do you want to improve your focus, learn to co-ordinate breath with movement and focus on the present?  

Or, do you simply need some space to be present and work on your self-care?

Yoga is for Every Body and not just for bendy people!  We turn to yoga for a myriad of reasons and whether you’re a complete beginner or have practiced yoga before consider joining one of our small group classes where you will experience a variety of asana (physical yoga) and breath-work practices or learn some meditation techniques that you can take off the mat and into your daily life.


In my own practice and as a teacher my great interest is on seeing the impact on health and wellbeing.  I love knowing that a breathing or meditation practice that I have shared has gone a good way to helping manage stress and anxiety levels and reduce insomnia.


If you would like to start or resume your yoga journey I would love to help you.




I’m Caroline

I am an Ascot based BWY 500 hour Diploma yoga teacher who turned to yoga for physical fitness and soon realised the power of connecting mind and body.  During a fulfiling but stressful City career yoga gave me the tools to manage my physical and mental health and to achieve some balance.   I now share those tools in classes on line and in studio, and as part of workplace wellness programmes.

My approach to teaching is positive and inclusive and to encourage you to work within the limits of your body, building strength as well as flexibility.  Yoga is for Every Body and my aim is to help you find your path in yoga – for you to discover the benefits that regular practice can bring to your health and wellbeing.    

I teach all levels of experience and physical ability is no barrier so if you feel you are unable to practice yoga because of an injury or suffer from any illness that prevents you from weight bearing exercise consider Chair Yoga?




Yoga and meditation classes – small groups or private lessons

Small group yoga classes

Hatha yoga classes where the connection between the breath, body and mind is explored in a 75 or 90 minute class either in my private studio in Ascot or on line.  Classes are open to all levels of experience.

Pranayama and Meditation classes

Tone up your brain and calm your nervous system by exploring the benefits of Pranayama (breath control) and meditation from the comfort of your home.  Learn techniques that you can practice at home and work to increase focus, use in those moments of stress and anxiety and manage your mental wellness.

Private classes and yoga for your workplace

If a small group is not for you and you would like to work with me either on a one to one basis or with one or two of your family members or friends consider a private class.  This route is good to get you “class ready” or if you have a specific injury or illness that you are working with.

If you run a business and want to include yoga as part of your employee wellbeing programme we can talk about workshops or regular classes at your workplace or on line.


“Caroline teaches from the heart in a clear and approachable way that makes her classes fun while still full on. I always come away invigorated”


"I’ve been attending Caroline’s class off and on for about a year, and since lockdown, the twice weekly zoom yoga classes have been a godsend. I’m a real novice when it comes to yoga, but it has been brilliant at keeping back, hip and shoulder niggles, aches and pains at bay - especially as I spend most of my day sat at a desk. I really like the slightly longer format class, and feel that Caroline pays real attention to making sure you get the pose right. I’ve done other shorter or less instructive classes and don’t get anywhere as much out of them. We have a laugh at these sessions too. Excellent teacher and well balanced classes (no pun intended!"

Caroline V

"Caroline commits herself 110% to anything she undertakes and that includes yoga! Her extensive city experience means she understands the pressures of corporate life, the toll it can take and how to manage it. She really is the perfect teacher for workplace yoga - she's worn your shoes! She infuses classes with her quick wit and sense of humour, and takes time with each individual to be sure they get the most out of the practice."



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Emerging from lockdown – back to studio or on line?

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