Classes and timetable

Group yoga classes (on line via Zoom)

Current class schedule is Sunday at 10.00 to 11.15 and Tuesday at 18.30 to 19.45.  Sunday’s class is a Yin and Yang class comprising Hatha practice and longer held Yin postures that work into the ligaments, joints and deep fascial networks. Tuesday’s class is a more dynamic Hatha Flow class.  Both classes are restricted to 10 in order to ensure a small and friendly class environment.


In our classes we flow slowly through asana (physical) yoga postures with an emphasis on building strength and flexibility.  We give space and time to each posture to bring mindfulness into the practice.  The practiceis adapated to suit your needs, focusing on safe alignment and practice.


Working in a small and friendly group means  we can explore yoga together in an uncompetitive way.  Currently we’re all in our home environment and it means we can work with our own bodies and breath – it doesn’t matter that another in our group can make a better yoga shape.  We can start to tune into our own bodies and breath.  Physical asana practices will help build strength and flexibility, improve posture and joint mobility.


On line classes are £8 per class or £40 for a block of 6 classes.

Yoga in the garden – on hold until Spring!

Are you mad, I hear you say?  In a normal year we would be packing studios with mats a foot apart, greeting our fellow yogis with a hug and cranking up the heating.   We all know that’s not possible.  There are very few indoor spaces that will allow for safe practice with social distancing so let’s take a lead from those Personal Trainers who run outdoor classes in the parks and see if we can give this a go?   It is wonderful to connect with the earth and the elements (well most of them) so every weekend I will check the weather forecast and see if it is warm and dry enough for a class.  All classes will be held in a sheltered garden and will be Dynamic Hatha flow and planned to keep you warm.   You will need to bring your own mat and a strap and block if you have them.

Please contact if you are interested in receiving dates/times of these classes.


This class is a chance to practice in person rather than on line.  It will be a dynamic Hatha class designed to reflect the season.


The class will include breath control to help focus and calm the mind and a physical asana practice for flexibility, strength and balance of mind and body.  


The cost is £10 per class, payable in advance.

Private or workplace yoga or meditation classes  

Private or semi private classes for 1 – 3 students are available on request.  With the current COVID-19 restrictions these are on line via Zoom or outside in the garden.  Private classes  for one student can be held in my home studio or your house (space permitting).

Corporate classes – please see menu for Workplace yoga


A private class is tailored to your needs – it’s your class and yoga is for Every Body.

You may be recovering from injury or illness and looking to strengthen and rehabilitate?  You may be burned out and anxious and looking for tools to help you manage your mental and physical health?  You may be a new mum who is looking to snatch some precious “me” time and regain some strength and flexibility (and fit back into the jeans)?  You may work all the hours and need something that fits your timeframe and not that of the studio or gym?

Or, you may be new to yoga and want to get “class ready”?

All of those are reasons to consider a private class.

Alternatively you may want yoga as part of the employee welfare programme in your workplace.  If so I’d be happy to talk to your benefits manager to look at how we could work together.


It’s your class.  We work towards your aims and objectives.  We work at your pace.  We agree in advance what you are looking to learn and achieve.  Every Body is unique and sometimes we may not achieve that perfect “yoga shape” but it is often easier to take those baby steps when we’re practicing alone or with a partner/friend.

For corporate classes – see workplace yoga.


A 90 minute one to one online class is £60.  Should you choose to share your private class with one or two family members or friends via separate logins this cost is split between you.


Corporate classes and workshops – cost will be dependent on time/location and method of delivery.

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