Employee wellness – as an employer how do you look after your key asset?

 If you run a business you know that your staff is your key asset. As a responsible employer one of the best things you can do is look after your employees’ wellbeing.  There’s a wealth of insurance packages available but from my experience I know that I’ve felt the benefit of something tangible like an osteopath appointment or chair massage – it means a lot, helps keep people happy and well and shows the firm cares.   As we emerge from lockdown more people are working from home and this puts additional strains on employee wellbeing – those long hours of sitting at a laptop and periods of isolation can quickly result in neck and shoulder pain as well and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.   An hour’s yoga class at the end of the working day or lunchtime or even a 45 minute Chair Yoga class would be a huge benefit to your team – they are most likely “Zoomed out” already although it is far more fun to get away from the Zoom meeting and into Zoom Yoga.


A weekly yoga class could be just what your team needs and they will love it if you subsidise the cost.   Alternatively you could look at a half day or full day wellbeing workshop.


If you are interested in this put your benefits manager in touch and we can work on some ideas.  I worked in a stressful environment for a good many years – so have practical experience that could help?




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